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hi i like tv and stuff
currently going through a kis my ft2 phase; incredible amount of bias for mitsu (and possibly senga)
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i just queue’d a fujikita beginners! episode one gifset set for 6pm GMT so hopefully, that works…
sorry for the shitty quality / colouring ;__;

tagged: the only high quality beginners eps available were subbed - and required torrenting and im like cant be bovvered -


welp, i know how i’m spending my sunday

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Fangirl challenge [10] OTPs Eren & Mikasa

I’m sorry, Eren. I won’t give up. I’ll never give up again. If I die, I won’t be able to remember you. So I’ll win, no matter what. I’ll survive no matter what!

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i made my desktop background mitsu

tagged: finally - it was coming tbh - phone background and now desktop abckground - prob soon to be ipad background - everything backgrounnd -
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watching past videos i realise that nakai is constantly CONSTANTLY pointing out the three-four structure

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I feel like dancing might be my true calling

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all my followers and friends are super annoyed with me for my kisumai phase (sorry you guys ;__;)
on the other hand i like kisumai because at least i’m somewhat involving myself in japanese pop culture
like i now know about johnny’s associates more than i ever really cared to know about
and the lack of subs means that when i make gifsets its an opportunity for me to practice my translation skills (which could use soo much more work ;_;)
and just immersing myself in kisumai media expands my vocabulary esp in the slang area which obviously i wouldn’t really learn in a cram school environment
also they’re pretty funny and it’s not like they’re in so many things that it’s hard to keep up with so it’s like a manageable obsession do you feel?
like sorry friends/followers but tbh it is so worth it because i have literally never been this involved in jap pop culture and it sucks to feel estranged from your own native culture

tagged: like i get new unfollowers everyday and thats like :( - but not enough to make me stop - because i feel like this phase is actually really good for me - maki liveblogs kisumai -

125 messages from a group convo overnight….. and its probably largely about marco complaining about uni

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do you ever daydream of dressing straight boys in better clothes

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