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Fitz shining a green laser light in Simmons's face in The Asset while Skye and Ward train.

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2014-04-24 舞祭組 × ダディ × 式根島 [KissTube: 0円生活!!!

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yokoo struggling to dive omYGOD

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hamaguchi: promote tamamori's thing okay? shinchou (??) 's chef part 2 is coming in July.
yokoo, miyata: we're not in that though
hamaguchi: but it's not like you have anything else to promote right?
yokoo: perhaps tamamori's not even in this thing but we're here to barter tamamori??
[some other things happen, hama yokoo and miyata go in the water]
miyata: *struggling with the cold water* ah it's so cold!!!!!! (etc etc) how do i do this ah it's so cold i can't i can't
hamaguchi: when it's cold its promotion time
miyata: *shouting* SHINCHOU'S CHEF PART 2, COMING JULY
hamaguchi: and are you guys in it?
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hamaguchi: me and kodakara will push the front of the house, can you follow us from the back?
miyata: even here we become the back four?
hamaguchi: think of us as tamamori and fujigaya
yokoo: at least put kitayama's name there too...
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staff: you'll get one camera director assigned per person
nika, yokoo, senga, miyata: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!
nika: we each get one camera???
staff: and a director each
yokoo: is this what television is like?
senga: when i did a piece alone i didn't even get staff
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you can email time magazine at and please explain why you think they should reconsider laverne cox as a participant.

i’m raging as much as anyone else, but formality will probably get the message across clearer than yelling will, so you should explain the situation and urge your friends to do the same. it’s ridiculous and transphobic as hell and I’m so fucking upset because we all know she was voted well above most of the others so GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE

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